Find a mentor

Your mentor consults you during your doctorate in scientific matters and in general concerns

The mentorship includes three mandatory elements:

1. The mentor has to hold at least a Dr. title. If possible, mentoring should be carried out by independent persons who do not belong to the chair or professorship of the supervisor.

2. To agree upon the mentorship both parties, mentor and the doctoral candidate sign the supervision agreement.

3. The Mentor is member of the TAC and therefore has to attend the TAC-meetings (at least two during the dissertation period). The previously mandatory consultation between Doctoral Candidate and Mentor is omitted.

Besides these mandatory elements, the mentorship can be freely arranged according to individual wishes and needs.

Your mentor can support you in different ways such as giving additional subject-specific input to your doctoral project. Additionally, you and your mentor can form a duo to discuss strategic career plans or individual personality development questions. Your mentor can be a close confidant during your doctoral project next to the supervision at TUM. Therefore, the GZW recommends to consider your options who can be your mentor.

To provide time to think carefully about a smart choice, you can update your supervision agreement until 6 months after entry in the doctoral candidacy list. How do you announce your mentor at a later date? An explanation can be found under menu item “Announcement mentor”.

The choice of mentor can be changed during the doctoral project with the mutual consent of those involved and the Graduate Center Weihenstephan.

The GZW cooperates with the TUM Mentoring Program. You are welcome to use their service to find a mentor out of the huge TUM alumni database.