NEW GZW Doctoral Buddy Program

The GZW Doctoral Buddy Program tries to connect junior doctoral candidates with their senior colleagues.

Juniors can get support to understand the doctoral process at TUM and receive valuable advices, which might help in finishing the project efficiently. Seniors also can help Juniors to get to know Freising/Munich and the Campus as well as Bavarian quirks.

Seniors will improve their social competences and get to know new people and fields of science. The participation of Seniors in the GZW Doctoral Buddy Program will be accepted as “Teaching Experience” in DocGS and will be listed in the TUM GS Transcript of Records.

The GZW Doctoral Buddy Program come along with several social networking events and if needed professional guidance of the GZW.

You are interessted to join as a Junior or a Senior Buddy? Please use this application form and send it to: gzw.trainings[at]

Applications are possible at any time.