TUM Office for Research and Innovation (TUM ForTe)

The TUM Office for Research and Innovation (TUM ForTe) is the first point of contact and the central coordinating body for any form of cooperation between the business and research sectors, research funding support and technology transfer at TUM.

As part of TUM ForTe, the TUM Talent Factory is open to all young researchers at TUM and to international postdocs who want to conduct a research project at TUM.

Support to apply for Third-party Funding

TUM Talent Factory currently provides support in applying for third party funding, as well as during the preparation of a research proposal. In addition, grant writing workshops are regularly offer, as well as the annual Marie Curie Writing Camp.

TUM Postdoc Workshops

With the workshop programme, the TUM Talent Factory support postdoctoral researchers to develop important skills and knowledge in areas that are relevant to their careers, and provide opportunities to network with other postdocs. But sorry, these workshops are not open for doctoral candidates.

Twice per year, TUM ForTe organizes the online workshop “Career Paths in Academia: (Funding) Opportunities for Postdocs” for doctoral candidates in their final year and early-career postdocs.

The Nature Masterclasses are in any way open to all TUM members. You can learn more about Scientific Writing and Publishing or Effective Collaboration in Research via the online courses.

TUM Postdoc101 Talks

The online talk series “Postdoc101” covers various relevant topics that are of particular importance for postdocs such as third-party funding, industry collaborations, or intellectual property. Although these talks are aimed at Postdocs, advanced doctoral candidates who are interested in specific talks are welcome to contact us. Registration is possible until Tuesday noon before each respective talk. The next events include talks on German Research Policy or the “Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz”.

Research Opportunities Week

The TUM Talent Factory regularly organises the ROW aimed at external doctoral students in their final year and young postdocs from abroad to get to know TUM for a week. During the event, participants are able to exchange ideas with professors, and then apply for a TUM-internal fellowship. This might be of interest for friends of yours abroad who are interested in career opportunities at TUM.

EuroTechPostdoc Programme

TUM Talent Factory supports the applicants of the EuroTechPostdoc Programme, which successful applicants can spend two years at TUM and the other EuroTech universities. If you have been in Germany for more than 12 months in the last 3 years before the deadline, you are not eligible to apply for TUM, but you can definitely apply for a fellowship at all the other EuroTech Universities and plan a research stay at TUM.

How to contact TUM Talent Factory/the TUM Talent Factory:

You can subscribe to the internal Postdoc-Mailinglist if you are already doing research at TUM. Via this mailing list, we share information about our programme and relevant calls for proposals at irregular intervals. If you are close to finishing your doctorate and think the information would be relevant for you, you can sign up already with your TUM ID.

The TUM Talent Factory also share the latest news and announcement through Twitter: @tumpostdoc

TUM ForTe also offers a monthly newsletter with information about funding opportunities and funding-related news that any TUM member can sign up for here: https://www.forte.tum.de/en/nrf/newsletter/