Fulfill the qualification program of TUM GS and GZW

You finished the qualification program of the TUM GS and the GZW, if following mandatory items are fulfilled.

  1. Attendance in Kick-off seminar
  2. Supervision by a Mentor
  3. 6 SWS (= 63 h) subject-specific qualifikation
  4. 2 year minimum membership in the TUM-GS by annual confirmation of data
  5. (2. TAC-Meeting inclusive) Feedback session
  6. Discussion of your doctoral project in the international scientific community
    You can do this by an accepted publication in a peer reviewed journal  or a peer reviewed conference contribution. Other possibilities has to be confirmed by the School Council of the TUM School of Life Sciences. To accept the discussion of your doctoral project in the international scientific community according to §8 1. f) Regulations for the Award of Doctoral Degrees, it has to be confirmed by your supervisor (Statutor Regulations TUM GS §16 (9)).
    Please upload the following confirmation in your DocGS account under "Publication/discussion of the doctoral project in the international scientific community" Template Certificate Publications / Discussion of the research project in the international scientific community
    Please be sure the small box "Ja" is checked.
    The PDF of the publication or the confirmation of the conference is not enough.
  7. External doctoral candidates additionally have  to prove their Active Participation in the Academic Environment of the TUM.

In addition please consider:
GZW Regulations from 11 December 2013

Promotionsordnung vom 23.08.2021 mit Wirkung vom 01.10.2021 (English version coming soon)

Statut der TUM-GS vom 23.08.2021 (English version coming soon)

Doctoral candidates entered into the doctoral candidacy list AFTER January 1st, 2014 can follow up their progress in Doc GS and can upload their certificates here.
If all mandatory items are fulfilled, a new  item "Submission and examination of dissertation" will be open.


During your entire doctoral project you can find in your DocGS-Account the last stand of your preliminary TUM GS Transcript. You can have a look at it and download it.
See “My Progress” --> “Basic Information” --> PDF “QP - vorläufiges Transcript”.
Please inform us of any mistakes early on and we will correct them.


Voluntary members of the GZW, who entered into the doctoral candidacy list BEFORE January 1st, 2014, have to prove the fulfillment of the qualification program without DocGS directly to the GZW. Therefore please contact Daniela Röder, she will help you through the process.