Transferable Skills Training

Beside the Subject-specific Qualification the TUM Graduate School offers you the possibility to develop your transferable skills and expand your interdisciplinary experience, too.
Therefore you can choose a wide range of courses.

The course program as well as the terms and conditions of participation you can find on the homepage of TUM Graduate School.

You can strengthen your transferable and scientific attendant skills as well at Graduate Center Graduiertenzentrum Weihenstephan. The program is updated continuously and ongoing adapted to your needs.

Furthermore other TUM institutes offer seminars and courses for several topics, which mostly could be used by all members of TUM.


To prove your participation please upload the appropriate confirmation in your DocGS account.
You cann also use the Template Certificate Transferable Skill Courses.


During your entire doctoral project you can find in your DocGS-Account the last stand of your preliminary TUM GS Transcript. Within it you can have a look at all your entries in DocGS and you can download it. 
See “My Progress” --> “Basic Information” --> PDF “QP - vorläufiges Transcript”.
Please inform us of any mistakes early on and we will correct them.