Feedback session

At the latest 4 Semestern after entering the doctoral candidates list of the TUM School of Life Sciences and become a member of TUM GS a feedback session between doctoral candidate and supervisor takes place. In the feedback session the previous development of the doctoral project ist to be reflected and the further progress will be planed.

Doctoral candidates who have been registered in the Doctoral Candidacy List between the 1st of October and the 31st of December 2019 can choose between the Thesis Advisory Committee and the hitherto existing feedback session.

Doctoral candidates who have been registered in the Doctoral Candidacy List from the 1st of January 20209 have to prove two Meetings of their Thesis Advisory Committee.

The Feedback session bases on:

  • a university-public presentation at a seminar, which can be substituted with a presentation at an academic conference,
  • a written interim report by the doctoral candidate on the progress of the research work that can be replaced by a scientific paper submitted for publication, as long as it reflects the results of exhaustively - you can use our template,
  • a consultation with the mentor
  • the supervision agreement can be updated.

To document the Feedback session please use the Feedback Session Reporting Sheet.

After des Feedback session please upload all documents in your DocGS account.


The Feedback session is a mandatory element of the TUM-GS qualification program.