Subject-specific Qualification

There are many possibilities of subject-specific and subject-related courses to supplement and deepen your independent academic work. For example you can attend internal chair and interchair events, conferences, method seminars, lectures as well as summer and winter schools. Beside a wide range of offers at the Campus Weihenstephan the GZW provides subject- specific courses about different topics, too.

At the end of your doctoral program you have to prove your participation in 6 semester hours (credits = SWS) in subject-specific and subject-related events. That means 63 hours in total during your whole doctorate.
To prove your participation please upload the appropriate confirmation in your DocGS account.


If you have no confirmation for an event, your supervisor can confirm your participation.
Therefore you use this document:


Template Certificate Subject Specific Course


Your supervisor can confirm several events at the same time. To do this, create a table of events with all the necessary data (see template), sign it and let your supervisor sign. Then create an entry for each event in DocGS and upload the signed table in each entry as confirmation.



During your entire doctoral project you can find in your DocGS-Account the last stand of your preliminary TUM GS Transcript. Within it you can have a look at all your entries in DocGS and you can download it. 
See “My Progress” --> “Basic Information” --> PDF “QP - vorläufiges Transcript”.
Please inform us of any mistakes early on and we will correct them.


6 semester hours of subject-specific and subject-related events are a mandatory element of the TUM-GS qualification program.

Best Practise

5. HEFagrar PhD Symposium