Proofreading Service

The TUM Graduate School provides a professional proofreading service for English articles to be submitted to international peer reviewed journals or conferences.

The proofreading service includes following services:

  • Proofreading by native English speakers with a background in a related discipline
  • Proofreading of grammar, spelling and expression
  • Proofreading within 3 weekdays
  • A second proofreading of the same article is not possible


  • Membership in the Graduate Center Weihenstephan
  • Doctoral candidate has to be the first author of the article
  • Article has to be ready for submission
  • Article has to be submitted to international peer reviewed journals or conferences

Application Steps

  1. In accordance with your doctoral supervisor, finalization of the English article. 

  2. Send the article to gzw.proofreading[at] together with the following information:

    Please use this form: Proofreading Service - Request Form
    Name of author:
    Email contact of author:
    Manuscript title:
    Subject area:
    Journal name (poss. link to authors instructions):
    Manuscript purpose (Articel, Short communications, conference):
    Word count:
    Language (American English or British English):

  3. After the approval of the GZW, your article and your contact details will be forwarded to the professional proofreading service. 

  4. The proofreading service will send the article directly to you.