Announcement of a mentor

The first supervisor bears the primary responsibility for the subject-specific supervision. Additionally, a mentor supports the doctoral candidate in several aspects of her or his doctoral project and specific life situations.

The mentor can give further academic support, but can also focus on advising on transferable skills or project, self and time management . Another topic can be life and career planning  as well as personal development. Mentors can be all persons with a proven track record of independent scientific work, in general as part of a doctorate.

Please note: If you have been registered in the Doctoral Candidacy List from 1st of January 2020 onwards, your mentor also is a member of the newly established Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) and therefore has to take part in the TAC-meetings.

As a member of Graduate Center Weihenstephan you have the possibility to register your mentor within 6 months after  starting your membership.

Procedure for a later announcement

  • At the biginning of your application, please fill in the field "Mentor" and "Email" with the place marker NN and in DocGS.
  • If your mentor is set, download the PDF scan of your supervision agreement from your DocGS-account and let your mentor sign.
  • After this please use the option in your DocGS account: Request change of data regarding your doctoral project --> Request for Change.